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1. Faldaren Renewed
Story, Customization, Weaponry and Lore
  • New 0th Story Chapter
  • Updated 1st Story Chapter
  • New Weapons: scythes and guitars!
  • More Hammers!
  • Customization: hair, horns and cat ears
  • New Game Mode: Slime Sumo beta
  • Updated Calling: Architect Rework
  • Private Zones Customization
  • New monsters and bosses
2. Trick or Treat
Callings, Social Mechanics, Graphics and Self-Expression
  • Updated 2nd Story Chapter
  • New Calling: Trickster
  • Updated Calling: Demolisher Rework
  • Customization: faces, skin and tattoos
  • Upgraded Social Mechanics
  • Improved Building Features
  • Upgraded Graphics
3. Tactical Umbrella
Economy, Threats, Performance Optimization and Umbrellas
  • New 3rd Story Chapter
  • Updated Calling: Warrior
  • New Weapons: Umbrellas
  • Upgraded Slime Sumo and PvP Arena
  • Wild Area Upgrade: Random Events
  • Social Interactions: Trading and Auction
  • Game Performance Optimization
4. To the Moon!
Current Story Arc’s Endgame and the Moon
  • New Biome: The Moon
  • Updated Story: New 4th Chapter
  • Magitech Firearms
  • Updated Calling: Summoner
  • Lunar-themed equipment and buildings
  • New ingame events and parkour
Details of this roadmap may change in the future. Nothing here is set in stone. We want to share this with you because we want
to be open with you. If you have suggestions or thoughts, please share them in our Discord


Break Walls using
your opponents as
Explosive Pumpkins,
Polymorph Curses and
Protect yourself by
Build in the
middle of the fight
Five Classes based on
Unique Game
Open World,filled
with treasures and
dangers :3
Two interlinked game
modes: exploration
and battlegrounds

Choose your calling


A thirsty for blood natural warrior, who will chase after you - swinging around an absurdly big sword as if it's made of paper. It's not.


Some people like explosions, some weirdos don't. And some - like them just a bit too much. I wonder which type is this one...


When you're really good with stone, you start making everything out of it. A stone chair, a stone pet. Gloves made of rock? Why not.

[WIP] Trickster

We all have that one annoying friend who loves pranks. Well, now he has magical powers - lets hope the enemy is enough of a distraction.

[WIP] Summoner

With the combined power of plants and creatures, summoner is definitely able to punish those who light fire in the forest so they never do it again.


Explore the Elteria

Elteria is a beautiful open world full of dangers, mysteries and treasures! Explore its astonishing floating islands and learn its history along the way.

Your hero suddenly found himself in this world and now is looking for clues on how to get back home. A mysterious person approaches...